Friday, August 27, 2010


I had the opportunity to attend the 20th Anniversary CPSA National Convention at Santa Clara, CA. with my husband last month. It was a quick trip. We drove up on Thursday and got there just in time to attend the membership meeting.

It was a treat to see some of the people who have helped to propel colored pencil medium into the limelight.

We were tired from the road trip but enjoyed the festive atmosphere and enthusiasm of the other attendees in the room. There were colorful balloons and lots of chatter, and along the back of the room, tables exhibiting all the beautiful artwork to be auctioned off that evening.

We also had door prizes and amazingly it seemed that every person in the room received something. I won a 2 color PanPastels sample kit with assorted sponge applicators. I guess if that isn't a nudge to try pastel painting again, nothing is :-)

We had previously made a quick stop at the hospitality room where I picked up my badge and goody bag. I wish that I had visited this room more than once or twice, if only to see and enjoy all the chapter projects on display. Unfortunately, I never did get a chance to explore it properly.

The silent auction was exciting. We put in a bid for one piece but were not quick enough to prevent someone else swooping in the last second to win it. Oh well.

The next day I spent in the Allan Servoss workshop while hubby explored Santa Clara a bit.

Later there was only a while before we had to get ready for the award dinner.

It was a thrill to hear Vera Curnow reminisce about the early days of the CPSA and some of challenges they faced. Later there was a parade of members being honored for signature status and assorted distinctions and of course the disclosure of all the art awards. It was a lovely and entertaining evening.

Saturday we headed home with the intention of stopping by the gallery at Los Gatos to see the artwork exhibition. To my everlasting disappointment we were much too early for the opening time at 12 noon. We couldn't afford to delay the start of the trip home, so reluctantly we left without seeing the any of the artwork.

Well, I got to see the outside of the gallery, nice adobe style architecture!

Still, I'm so glad that we attended this year. I seem to have been re-inspired with my own artwork and have been drawing again! More progress posts to come soon.

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