Friday, February 18, 2011

This Is Finished...Almost

If I can manage to keep my hands off of this, it's done except for my signature. The main difference between the last stage and this is that I defined the shape of the light hitting his shirt, I took the brights a lot lighter and the darks much darker.

I also had to redefine the eye in the shadow. I had been thinking about taking this shadow very dark and so not have to worry about the eye hidden there. Unfortunately when I did start darkening this whole area, it looked much too stark. He looked like he had on a dark eye patch and the rest of the shadow areas by contrast looked too light. So I ended up lightening the eye shadow and having to redraw the wishy washy eye.

I had been trying to avoid doing this because of having no real reference for that side of his face. So I ended up having to wing it and hoping I'd end up with a realistic looking eye.

Who knows, looking at it now, I think I like the previous eye better. Arghhhhhh. Oh well, tomorrow is another day, I'll look at it in the morning.


  1. You are so right Lupe. this is good. I like this and I still see the eye in the shadow. It gives more depth. you winged it well.

    Great job. In my opinion...I would sign it and say it's done.
    Absolutely Brilliant work Lupe.

  2. Thanks Dors!

    I really struggled with that eye :-) As you will see, I couldn't leave it alone. I went back yesterday and changed it again, but I think it really does look better now. I will post my final version later today.