Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Girl in a Garden

I finished this last week and took it the framer. Also I named it because it was required to be able to enter it in the Pastel Society art show. I called it Girl in a Garden, and just hope that the judge doesn't detract points for unoriginal titles. I do think that it's better than calling it Pastel Girl.

In completing this piece I managed to use my soft pastels, if somewhat tentatively. In my next pastel I'll work on a bigger canvas. I'm sure it would help to loosen up if I have more room to work with.


  1. Beautiful job Lupe.
    I enjoy looking at all the steps you take. The chart you made is awesome. The color mistake on your chart only shows you are human and not a perfect boring person. hehehe. Love the way you do things. you have so much patience.

    Good luck with the show.

  2. Hi Dors!

    Thank you :-)
    I'm so exited! I dropped off this piece at the art show yesterday and I just got a call from the Pastel Society president that I won the Juror's choice prize.

    I'm so amazed because I am in such grand company at this show and the judge still noticed my little piece. Can't wait for the reception tomorrow!