Wednesday, September 28, 2011

One Jacket Done

Here is my latest work on this piece. I guess the most interesting thing while working on the jacket was trying to get the zippers on the pockets and front to look metallic. The color I found most useful was Prismacolor's Bronze. I used it in the darker areas and its brownish, greenish, yellowish tones seemed to help to convey the idea of the shadows in the gold colored metal.

There are darker colors I used like Sepia in the darkest lines and some dark browns sparingly. Some of the other colors were Burnt Sienna and Sand, both Prisma's, for the golden glints. For highlights, my favorite bright, Luminance Buff Titanium and small touches of pure white.

There's also some use of Luminance's Olive Brown 10% and Raw Umber 10% on the left side zipper pull. I tried the stronger Olive Brown 50% in the darks here but I think this went a little too much into the greens for my taste.

I do love that Luminance has a few sets of pencil hues in graduated tints, Brown Ochre, Burnt Sienna, Olive Brown, Raw Umber Burnt Ochre and Sepia. All these colors come in full strength, 50% and 10%. Some of them have been very useful to me for creating subtle changes in skintones.

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