Sunday, October 2, 2011


The last section, work on the leather jacket is done. It took a lot of layering and different colors to get the look of leather I wanted. It was even more time consuming than usual because I couldn't just layer even coats of different colors on top of one another. To get the textured look of leather I had to add the different colors in scrumbling lines and small dots of color.

This is how it looked after laying out some basic colors while I tried to block out the areas of shadow and light.

After many more colors and lots of scribbling the colors and textures were solid enough to sign it and consider it done.

In this close up the grain of the paper is very aparent, but blots of colors can also be seen on the leather jacket as opposed to the smoother colors on the shirt. I did my best to cover the yellow of the paper so as to make the color of the jacket a cool brown with blueish highlights.

My final thoughts on this project are, love the paper and will definitely use it again. Small projects are nice, I actually finish them. Need to stop drawing television characters and draw something I can enter in a show.


  1. Found you through one of your comm posts I just had to say you have a ridiculous amount of talent. Your work is gorgeous.

  2. So nice of you to leave such a lovely message. Thank you so much!