Wednesday, February 1, 2012

More Work on the Icarus Board

After my first tries with the Icarus board I let my interest lapse for a while. I did try again starting another project back in March of last year. This time I used Colourfix paper. I sketched my composition and printed it to a sheet of 16 x 13 white Colourfix.

I got as far as applying and blending skin tone colors with Neocolor crayons. I thought it was much more successful this time.

As happy as I was with this experiment for some reason I didn't continue working on it for a long time. It was only very recently, after seeing the latest Icarus board tutorials on Ester Roi's site that I got fired up again to continue.

Looking at some of the more recent tutorials I see that it is possible just to use pencils to lay the wax down thick enough, but I found it easier here to lay down initial coats with the Neocolor crayons and then blend color with the pencils. I've been using color shapers to blend and move the wax around on the paper.

I've been using a hodgepodge of icarus board techniques, applying wax crayons and pencils on the hottest settings, separately or layered together, blending them together on the warm area, layering the pencil on top on the cool zone, using Verithins for details and defining edges on cool and warm areas. I'm still getting familiar with the effects of the different techniques, so I'm sure that once I get more experience I'll be a little more methodical in how I use the board.

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