Monday, March 5, 2012

Pencil Paintings 2012

This year I had two entries in our local CPSA chapter show.

This guy won me an honorable mention.

I finished my Mom's portrait in time to enter it too. This one had been in the works for a long time. Looking back at the old entries in this blog I see that I started it in back in June of 2009!

I had tucked it away our of sight for a long time. I remember I didn't like the background and wasn't sure how to proceed. Over time I put that background in a couple of times. Finally I decided just to finish it after all that dawdling.

I was in good company, there were many beautiful pieces from members of our local CPSA Chapter 214 and from other local artists. Not surprisingly, Jeff George won first place in the professional category.

Betzi Stein and Ester Roi chatting.

Elizabeth Patterson checking out the art.

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