Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Pencil Paintings 2013

I participated in our CPSA Chapter 214 show in March. I as usual had not really given much thought to what I could enter, so when the call came I looked around for anything finished or almost done.

I had my Woman in Blue portrait finished some time ago. I posted on my initial work for this piece back in June of last year. The easiest way to see this post is to click on the Woman in Blue" label at the bottom of the page.

I also had a half done portrait of Marty on which I never posted anything. I realized now that I never took a finish photo either. Oh well :-(

Still you can see what it looked like in this picture taken at the show, to my left at the top.

I was very pleased to receive an Honorable Mention for Woman in Blue!

To see more photos of the Pencil Paintings Show and who won the top awards click on the Pencil Paintings 2013 link under My Galleries at the right of the page.

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