Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Another Marty Portrait

It's not really a portrait, just that my model happens to be Marty. It will have kind of a fantasy theme when complete. I've been in a fantasy kick lately and have a few other fantasy themed concepts in mind for future art projects.

Here are a few progress shots.

The paper is a 18.5 x 24" piece of olive green Colourfix. It's a very nice sanded surface. I have used Colourfix before with colored pencils and liked it a lot. It seems to be working very well for me in pastels too. I've been using mostly pastel pencils for the face and hands and some of the harder pastels sticks for the backgound. Eventually I'll use softer pastels for finishing touches and larger areas of the background.

Once I get more done it will become more apparent what the fantasy element is in this piece. Stay tuned. :-)

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